A Note to All Majors League Coaches from your Commissioner...

UpdatedWednesday March 8, 2017 byRick Licursi.

Please remember that players in this league are 11/12 year olds and we want to make this division about development of their baseball skills and having fun with their friends from school, their neighborhoods and from other sports teams.  As these players are getting older there will be a dramatic difference in their skill levels and knowledge of the game.  We want to promote first and foremost, positive attitude and teamwork!  Lets create an atmosphere where competition allows for laughs and hard work.


As coaches we need to be positive influences on these players.  Always encourage your players and allow them to experience the entire field from pitching to outfield.  Integrate the higher skilled players and lower skilled players together to teach them how teams work together.  Many of these 11/12 year old players are playing on Travel teams as well.  Please know who their travel coaches are and communicate with them frequently to avoid pitching conflicts.  Although learning to win and lose is important, learning to play together on a team and develop their skills is the goal of this league.  Communication is the key to success.  Please communicate with your parents as to your expectations of the players and communicate with your travel coaches as to their expectations of your shared players.  Finally, be positive influences on our young umpires as well.  Remember there are many eyes looking at you as to how you react to the umpires.  There will be ZERO tolerance of any negative behavior towards our umpires.  They are learning to umpire as we are learning to coach.  Teach them, help them, but never put them down or discourage them.  Good luck with your 2017 Majors league experience.


Daren Senfield