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Travel Baseball

Quakers Travel Baseball


Welcome to the Orchard Park Quakers Travel Baseball Program.  For those of you new to the program, please read through the information below to find out more about our competitive travel baseball teams.  Travel baseball teams are vastly rewarding and fun for all, but it does require a high level of commitment from players and parents.


The 8u -16u tryouts occur annually at Orchard Park Little League Fields in early- to mid-August. Boys will be evaluated in the areas of pitching, hitting, fielding, throwing, and running. The 8u and 9u tryouts will be conducted by the coaches identified for those age groups as well as the Baseball Committee members, using experienced, knowledgeable baseball evaluators. At 10u and older, each team's manager and committee will conduct their respective tryouts. He may use any combination of OPLL managers/coaches to assist him in evaluating at team tryouts. 

Selection Process:

Orchard Park Quakers will attempt to field two - three teams at every level, 8u - 17u.  Our goal is to assemble teams at each level of play with the purpose of playing competitive baseball.  We typically have a large number of boys that tryout every year, unfortunately, some boys will not make an Orchard Park Quakers Travel Baseball team for their particular level. If your child does not make the travel team, we strongly encourage them to continue with the house program and continue to develop their skills with the coaches in the Orchard Park Baseball Academy. 

Orchard Park Quakers has opened its registration to all interested players.   Our teams are designated "Quakers- Coaches Name" starting at 8u. The teams can conduct tryouts independently or with the other coaches. For 8u, the top 24 players will be divided evenly between the two teams.  If there are enough interested players, we would then field a third team.

Some or all of the factors described below will be taken into consideration when selecting a player to a team:

  • Prior year’s performance and commitment on a travel team, if applicable.
  • Attitude, hustle, and ability to process the game.
  • House league evaluations from the prior season, if applicable.
  • Interviews with the previous team manager and assistant coaches, if applicable.
  • Tryout scores following the skills evaluation at tryouts.
  • Personal knowledge of a player's strengths or weaknesses.
  • A player's role on the team.

Roster Announcements:

We anticipate that the final selection process will be completed by most teams the same day or within a few days after tryouts are complete. Due to every team being a little different regarding the amount of kids trying out, it may take certain teams a little longer than others.  It is the responsibility of the player’s parent/guardian to ensure that the league has been given the proper email/phone number at or prior to tryouts. 

Once the rosters are announced the decision of the selection committee will be final. 

Travel Program Team Requirements:

Orchard Park travel baseball team expectations will differ between each level and coach.  The 8u-12u travel teams will practice 1-2 times per week and play in roughly 3- 6 tournaments.  Each travel team 8u-12u will also be registered to play in a local travel league.  Leagues generally consist of a minimum of 10-18 games plus playoffs.  Players on 8u-11u  travel teams are required to participate in the house program, with the exception of the 12u teams.  Any 12u player who makes their school modified team may opt out of house baseball. 

The 13-17 year olds will have a much more complex schedule, where they will elect to play in a wide array of games, leagues, and tournaments.  At 13 and up, there is no house requirement for the boys, so a coach may enter tournaments in May, June, July, and/or August in conjunction with some form of travel league. 

Off-Season Training:

Following the August tryouts, training can begin for some teams as early as November, with indoor practices. Each coach reserves the right to have a specialized off-season training program, consisting of a membership to our OPLL Fieldhouse. This membership includes one (1) 90- minute dedicated team session and each team member gets 12 individual rentals per month to train.  A parent should contact the coach prior to tryouts to determine their projected plan, if it's a concern to the parent.  Every age will have a different schedule depending on the coach and training facilities availability.

Individual costs:

There is a non-refundable $200 deposit required within 3 days of committing to the team.  This $200 does go toward the individual's total travel fee. 

Travel team fees are collected by the coach or team manager and will be used to cover things such as the OPLL travel insurance, indoor fieldhouse space and the OPLL travel fee ($110 for field maintenance), practice gear, bags/helmets, uniforms, umpire fees, tournament registration, off-season training costs, etc. 

Estimated player costs range from $900-$1,500               

Total cost is ultimately determined by the coach.  Fees involved are directly formed from the team's expenses, which can vary widely depending on the off-season training plan and the number of tournaments in which the team participates.   Please note that at 12u, many teams choose to participate in the Cooperstown Dreamspark Tournament, which will increase the individual costs closer to $2,000.  Fundraising opportunities are also coach/team decisions. 


Uniforms are standard from ages 8u-12u, and usually need to be replaced due to kids growing each year. At 13u and up, the jerseys may differ pending approval by the travel committee.  Teams can use a combination of OPLL approved colors: maroon, gray, black and white.  


Coaches in the OP Travel Baseball Program can view the 2024 schedule here: OPLL_Master_Schedule_2024.xlsx

To reserve a field for a new game not on the schedule, please click here: Field Reservation Form

Questions and inquiries may be directed to the President or Director of Travel Baseball.

Thanks to all for participating!


    2023 Orchard Park Travel Teams:

    8u Quakers: Starkey, Emmick, O'Donnell
    9u Quakers: Marks, Simmons, Cavallaro
    10u Quakers: Voorhees, Steenberg
    11u: Bombers: Senn; Warriors: Wintringer
    12u: Bombers: Valiquette, Warriors: Gray
    13u: Bombers: Stacey
    14u: Warriors: Newlove
    15u: Outlaws: Harford


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